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Blood on the Dance Floor "Kawaii Monster" CD

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THE BRAND NEW ALBUM Featuring 8 never before release tracks & a bonus song of Ringleader.
Featuring Fallon Vendetta! Limited to only 500 copies.

We are born into this life with only one certainty. One day, our candle will burn out.
Each day spent laughing, loving, and breathing is a gift. Life can indeed be beautiful but cruel, cute but deadly.
We all possess the ability to make the most of our time in this world. Will you choose to be Kawaii or live as a monster?
This album is inspired by duality and reincarnation. The thought of finding beauty in all things and searching for the heart of the beast.
You have the power to begin anew. Make your own path, a new vendetta. Kill them with kindness.

  1. The Reunion
  2. Resurrection Spell
  3. Kawaii Monster
  4. You Are Enough
  5. Love Like Voodoo
  6. Ghosting
  7. The Coffee Song
  8. Anti Social Media
  9. Phone Home
  10. Destroy
  11. Yo Ho 2
  12. Light My Way
  13. Six Feet Under
  14. The Departing
  15. Ring Leader W/ Fallon Vendetta